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Supply Chain

Sales Forecasting,  Management of relationships with wholesalers and NHS stores. There is a complexity to managing stock across the supply chain which requires special attention to ensure availability of medicine for patients. The fluctuation of supply in recent times has caused significant issues and therefore requires robust intervention up and down the channels for these products. Having stock in the right place for patients either in primary or secondary care or across the commercial market is a proposition that INCREMENTUM can offer.

Commercial Managers

Tender & Contract Management and with the NHS in all 4 nations. Private Hospitals, Commercial Compounders and Homecare support. Tender and Contract Management with the NHS is a complex business with multiple requirements for data integrity and specific processes to engage with the Contracting Agencies for capture, analysis and submission of bids. Executive knowledge of the Terms and Conditions for supply and to encourage the best bid can take years to understand. The Lead Consultant at INCREMENTUM has this background and knowledge and can support companies in their bid processes for excellent results.

The ever expanding 'commercial' market also is maturing with tenders common on supply propositions to private hospitals, Compounders and Homecare, often with significant Ts & CS in play. INCREMENTUM can help access and bid appropriately here

Brand Managers

Development of marketing materials in line with brand plans and communication goals. With experience in marketing of broad portfolios across many therapeutic areas, INCREMENTUM can provide a unique insight to customers and their adoption needs. Access to digital marketing also is essential to remain current in today's market and INCREMENTUM have consultants who can help drive and deliver this.

Product Launches & Growth

INCREMENTUM has exceptional experience in product launches covering almost all therapeutic areas and from blockbusters to niche, orphan and specialist products. Incrementum will help with research and create market access strategies and market penetration tactics. Portfolio reviews are essential to maintain the appropriate portfolio to achieve sustainable growth strategies


We share the same purpose - to serve our clients impartially, with no hidden agenda, and to make them more successful by aligning our goals. We will work together to draw up a sustainable strategy that aligns to your commercial objectives

Market Access & Penetration

Research and Creation of market access strategies, market penetration tactics with significant experience in launch of injectable medicines and generic products as solid oral dose, topical and inhalation systems.
Accustomed to working within IP boundaries and designing control mechanisms with legal support, if required, to ensure compliance.

Built On Quality

Assurance built on experience

Our consultants have significant experience in the delivery of quality solutions to issues that present.

Generate Growth

We provide the tools to enable clients to generate growth in their defined market.

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